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About Us

Discover Our Story: Unveiling the Vision Of 360FRXNL


Exclusive real estate investment opportunities across second homes, offices, retail spaces, hotels, farmhouses, and more, aligned with your financial objectives, both long & short-term.


Effortlessly monitor your investments and stay informed about key metrics such as rental income, occupancy rates, market demand, and property performance.


Unlock Financial Rewards: Earn rental income and capital appreciation as a part-owner, with expert property management for optimal returns.


Seamless exits made easy. Sell your ownership shares effortlessly, ensuring liquidity and adaptability to changing investment needs.

Why 360 FRXNL?

360 FRXNL is the one of the leading fractional ownership platforms in the country, working at the intersection of real estate and technology. Our vision is to democratize access to real estate & other valuable opportunities. Real estate traditionally was only accessible to ultra HNIs and institutions. Our goal is to become a global platform by bringing this lucrative asset class to everyday investors.

$ 1 Billion+

Investment Experience

1000+ Years

Team Experience


Registered Investors

Our Vision. Empowering Ambitious Individuals to Generate Financial Wealth & well-being through prudent investment choices.

Financial Solutions and Technology

Revolutionary finance and tech management empower secure real estate investments, unleashing their full potential.

Diverse Investment Opportunities

Unlock ownership in offices, retail spaces, hotels, second homes, farm houses and beyond. Your path to diversified real estate investments.

Forward-Thinking Pioneers

At the helm of our organization are trailblazers, dedicated to innovation, transparency, and revolutionizing real estate practices.

Enabling Communities and Culture

Cultivating spaces for communities to express themselves and flourish, backed by 1000+ years of cumulative experience.


Expertise that Drives Innovation, Transparency, and Excellence in Real Estate Practices. Paving the Way for Inspired Investment Experiences.

Ankit Kansal
Chief Executive Officer
Anchal Kansal
Chief Operating Officer
Asha Singh
Chief Marketing Officer
Phoolendra Gangwar
Chief Technology Officer
Ikshit Arora
Chief Strategy Officer