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Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting Started

Fractional ownership allows customers to own a fraction of an income-generating Grade- A real estate asset. This enables them to benefit from a share of the rental income that the property generates, and any appreciation in the value of the asset.

We do iterations of research to analyze key metrics such as developer track record, location attractiveness, asset quality, tenant creditworthiness, robust lease agreements, demand & supply dynamics, etc. Likewise, we also study other crucial parameters such as the scope of capital & rental appreciation, cash flow analysis, infrastructure growth, etc. Further to this, we shortlist only the highest-performing and most efficient assets.

Meanwhile, we also take help from renowned independent authorities for complete legal and technical due diligence. Our parent organization has over 20 years of experience in real estate development. Our team has over 1000 years of cumulative experience in the real estate industry which also enables us to derive deep insights and in-depth analysis of the properties which we plan to list on our platform.

It is a tech-enabled real estate ownership platform that allows investors to make investments in income-generating commercial assets.  Essentially, you buy a part of the larger property and get proportionate returns.

The group is backed by Axon Developers and 360 Realtors which are zero-debt companies with significant investments & experience in commercial and residential real estate running into thousands of acres.

How does 360 FRXNL work?

360 FRXNL has multiple properties listed on the platform. With a wide range of assets in different categories to choose from, one can invest in Land, Commercial, Retail, Entertainment, and Warehouses, etc. depending on market trends.

Step 1: Through our intuitive knowledge-driven interface, identify the property/ properties you are interested in

Step 2: Fix an appointment with our executives to take you through all of your shortlisted options to understand the long-term range of returns and safety for each

Step 3: Decide on your portfolio mix and the size of your fraction (amount of investment)

Step 4: Track your investments every day through our user-friendly interface, which continuously updates you on various parameters like rate of return, projections, baseline, expected return in the duration you choose, etc. This mechanism is completely transparent and real-time with minimal intervention, so you can be assured that the information on your dashboard is authentic and unbiased.

With 360FRXNL, customers can own hard assets at low ticket sizes generating monthly income and capital appreciation. Unlike existing income-generating products in the market, the platform enables customers to own hard assets rather than paper assets.

With 360 FRXNL you can own multiple properties and build a diversified real estate portfolio across various locations. This will help you diversify risk across locations, properties, and tenants. Feel free to reach out to our experts for any assistance in building your portfolio with us.

Get access to exclusive properties with lower investment options to generate recurrent income streams, attractive appreciation, and portfolio diversification.


The minimum investment is currently 10 Lakh.  This however can change from time to time.

Any Indian citizen, an NRI or an institution can own commercial property with us subject to valid KYC and regulatory guidelines. Feel free to contact our experts if you require further assistance.

NRI investors can invest through an NRO or NRE Account or from a normal bank account in India. Your returns and sale proceeds, however, will be credited to your NRO account.

There are possible risks associated such as vacancy, liquidity, and general market risk. Also, owning real estate property carries inherent risks and potential loss of capital. Please read through our property documents to understand the risks in detail.

Property Ownership

You can register on the platform by clicking on the 'Sign up' button on our website or click the ‘Connect with us’ button for our experts to guide you through the process. Once all your details are filled out and your KYC is verified, you can start your ownership journey with us.

For each asset, a Trust/Specific Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is created in which funds are collected and property is purchased in the same. Each fractional investor of the property is a shareholder/unitholder in proportion to their contribution to the property.

Post successful KYC verification, you can own any property listed on our platform. After initial due diligence, you can block your fraction in the property by completing documentation and transferring the amount of your ownership amount in the SPV/ Trust account. Post blocking of your share, you can access the property-related documents to complete an in-depth due diligence.

Feel free to contact our experts to understand the process in detail.

The Lease/Rental Agreement, Own, Title report, Sale Deed, SPV/ Trust agreement, and all other documents related to the invested asset are shared with the customers. It is also accessible in the customer’s dashboard.

Property Sale Deed along with the SPV agreement copy| units constitute proof of your ownership. The same details will be maintained in public databases, government records, and your dashboard on the platform.

Just scan your Aadhar and PAN and upload it. And that’s it, you’re done.

You can exit from your ownership of any property in 3 different ways:

(1). Resale through our platform

You can get in touch with us directly and express your interest in reselling your share. And we will list the same among our database. Once a new customer has purchased your fraction, you will be credited your sale proceeds in your registered bank account with us.

(2).Private sale

Customers are free to sell their fraction to anyone on their own subject to valid KYC and regulatory guidelines. Our platform will facilitate the transfer of ownership and on boarding of the new customer on the platform.

(3).Property Sale

360FRXNL will enable customers to sell the complete asset after the lock-in period. This will be subject to the majority of customers’ decisions for the sale of specific property.

360FRXNL will initiate the liquidation of the property. Once the property is sold, you will be credited your sale proceeds in your registered bank account with us. If the customers vote to hold the property, the ownership will continue as it is with the monthly rental inflow into the customers' registered bank account.


Data privacy and security are at the forefront of our organizational ethos. We take utmost care in handling our customer data and the security of the platform. For more details, please refer to our privacy policy.

Each of our properties have been through thorough due diligence and are completely transparent when it comes to all legalities and documents. However, you are free to engage professionals to ensure the same and do your own due diligence before you invest.

Rental Income & Capital Appreciation

Rental yield varies from property to property and is in the range of 7-9% for a Grade-A commercial asset. Also, an average annual rental increase of 5% in a Grade-A commercial asset ensures steady growth in rental income.

Meanwhile, commercial properties also offer attractive capital appreciation in the range of 8-10% annually (This can vary from asset to asset and market conditions.)

With 360FRXNL’s unique expertise in the commercial real estate industry, we strive to maximize the capital gains and rental yield on behalf of our customers at the point of sale. Please visit the property-specific page to understand in detail.