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How it works

Discover and understand how 360FRXNL works for Lucrative Opportunities

Experience hassle-free investing with our user-friendly platform, in just 4 steps



Discover a curated selection of high-value properties available for fractional investment.


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Create an account on our platform to gain access to exclusive investment opportunities.



Choose your desired property, contribute funds, and become a fractional owner.



Monitor property performance, receive regular updates, and potentially earn returns through rental income.

A safe & transparent way of real estate investment.

Before onboarding any property on the 360 FRXNL platform, we conduct in-depth due diligence to evaluate income-generating potential and assess risk. This greatly safeguards investment.
Investing in a fractional property is similar to owning any other property. A SPV will be created with each partner holding a stake subject to their investment size. Following the completion of the lock-in period, each partner is also free to liquidate their share.

Data-driven decisions

Data driven investment approach with insights on properties, locations, pricing and building specifications


Liquidate your holdings with multiple exit options


Invest in opportunities across locations and asset types

Attractive Returns

Rental yields of 8-10% and targeted IRR of 16-18% over the prescribed period.

Risk management

With 360 degree due diligence and exhaustive selection criteria we mitigate all asset-related risk


Transparent investment process, access to detailed reporting and fair pricing, declared upfront


High standards of data management to ensure investor information is safe

The Tech Edge

Bookings. Reports. Updates. All in a few taps. 360FRXNL is a self-learning, intuitive framework that anticipates your needs and remembers your preferences. With its single-window interface, you can effortlessly stay on top of everything you need to know. From making reservations to tracking your returns, and from receiving updates about upkeep and maintenance to accessing quarterly reports and summaries, our app has you covered.

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